Blueprint for Economic Security 2012

2012 Blueprint for Economic Security

The current state of the economy reminds us that American families will likely continue to face the stark reality of economic insecurity in 2012. Income inequality has skyrocketed, with the wealthiest 1% reaping nearly all the gains of the economic recovery as the 99% has seen their wages fall. High levels of unemployment and low rates of economic growth remain stubbornly stagnant. And after a year of destructive corporate-fueled attacks on workers and the middle class in Congress and in the states, public trust in government has plummeted to record lows.

As states face a pivotal election year and confront more challenges and difficult choices in 2012, responsible lawmakers must make protecting the economic security of families from further attacks  their top  policy priority. With the political terrain still treacherous in many states, identifying and disseminating successful ways to frame, communicate, and advance effective economic policies will be key to changing the policy debate in statehouses — and through the states, helping to turn the tide in the nation as a whole.

This plan — the Blueprint for Economic Security 2012 — is a starting point for this critically important work.

WEBINAR: Introducing Progressive States Network's 2012 Blueprint for Economic Security
Recorded Wednesday, November 30th.