Georgia State Senator Nan Orrock On Working Families Agenda: "The Mission Before Us Is Clear"

In the lead-up to the White House Summit on Working Families on June 23, 2014, the Department of Labor Women's Bureau is hosting regional forums across the country -- including one in Atlanta, Georgia, which was held today. Georgia State Senator Nan Orrock, who is also the President of the Women Legislators' Lobby and a member of PSN's Board of Directors, gave the opening speech as part of her participation in the National Week of Action, touching on economic security themes from the Medicaid blockade being imposed on the people of Georgia to the Moral Mondays movement rising up in the state.

There's much work left to be done to create real prosperity for women and their families, Sen. Orrock noted, from combating gender discrimination in pay and guaranteeing family and sick leave to raising the floor of wages. "The mission before us is clear. And I am not in any way tired." Thankfully, the good fight continues but not in isolation. Here's a roundup of stills and images from the event.