Spotlight On Progressive Leaders In The States

View of Crowd at 1963 March on Washington
View of Crowd at 1963 March on Washington

“1963 is not an end
but a beginning”
-Martin Luther King, Jr

This week, Americans from all walks of life are coming together to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom. As the nation reflects on the vision for America set forth in Martin Luther King, Jr.'s historic "I Have A Dream" speech, we are also highlighting state lawmakers speaking out on Dr. King's life and legacy. Here are just a few examples:

Georgia State Senator Nan Orrock
In this interview with Georgia Public Broadcasting, Senator Orrock explains the transformative impact of the March on her own life in encouraging her to enter politics and to inspire others to take action. In addition to chairing Progressive States Network’s Public Education Working Group, Senator Orrock is a member of PSN’s Health Care and Immigration Working Groups.

North Carolina Sen. Floyd McKissick Jr.
In a piece in the Herald Sun, Senator McKissick reflects on the life and legacy of his father, civil rights leader Floyd McKissick, Sr., and Dr. King, as well as the sweeping gains we've made over the past fifty years.

Nevada Assemblywoman Dina Neal
“This wasn’t a promise of our past but a blessing for our future.” Speaking of the March on Washington, Assemblywoman Neal further discusses in this Las Vegas Review-Journal article the progress made since then but also the specific goals left to achieve before Dr. King’s vision is fully realized.

Ohio State Senator Nina Turner
In this interview on MSNBC's Ed Show, Senator Turner echoes Dr. King's call to ensure that every eligible voter can participate in our democracy -- a foundational principle of our country championed by Dr. King.