Map of the Week: Unequal Economic Mobility Across the States

Today, Americans' ability to go from being poor to rich varies with where they live. This map shows a key measure of opportunity in America: economic mobility.

Guest Blogger: State Rep. Dan Frankel, Founder & Co-Chair of the Pennsylvania Women’s Health Caucus

State Rep. Dan Frankel, the Founder & Co-Chair of the Pennsylvania Women’s Health Caucus, is our Guest Blogger today. Read on to learn more about the Pennsylvania Agenda for Women's Health -- and its special significance for today, the anniversary of Roe v. Wade.


Pennsylvania Agenda For Women's Health: Going Beyond Playing Defense

Today, on the anniversary of the landmark Roe v. Wade decision, Pennsylvania legislators are shining a spotlight on the Pennsylvania Agenda for Women's Health. Reflecting a cross-section of issues and concerns facing women and families today, the Agenda is designed to go beyond playing defense and advance a slate of proactive women's health priorities.

Celebrating Martin Luther King, Jr.'s Legacy

More than fifty years ago, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. captivated the nation with his historic "I Have a Dream" speech. His words signaled that the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom would continue, just as his life and work continue to inspire Americans from all walks of life. Today, we celebrate Dr. King's extraordinary legacy and look ahead to the challenges facing us in realizing his vision.

Why Extending The Federal Unemployment Benefits Program Matters To The States

Just a few days after Christmas, 1.3 million unemployed Americans still searching for a job abruptly lost their unemployment benefits because some in Congress refused to extend the program. Through 2014, five million Americans will be cut off from this economic lifeline, with thousands or tens of thousands of people harmed in each state. Here's why extending the federal Emergency Unemployment Compensation program matters to the states.

Embattled ALEC On The Ropes

The embattled American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) has had a tough few weeks. How bad? Here are stats from ALEC Exposed, as well as a sampling of the news on this shadowy right-wing organization operating in our states to sell out America's working families to corporate high-bidders.

Fighting Back Against The State Legislative Attacks On American Workers

In recent years, right-wing state legislators across the country have been stepping up their work to enact an anti-worker agenda on behalf of powerful corporate interests. As explained in the Economic Policy Institute's recent report, “The Legislative Attack on American Wages and Labor Standards, 2011-2012,” these alarming legislative efforts are coordinated on a national scale, massively-funded, and insidiously effective. The wave of legislative proposals designed to undermine wages and labor standards, for union and non-union workers, included the following....

Rate Shock Exposed: 7 Ways Obamacare Sabotage Would Raise Your Premiums

"Rate shock! Premium hikes!" As anyone following the health reform debate knows, it's a favorite line of attack by right-wing opponents of the law. However, upon a closer look, it's clear that those rate shock fearmongers' sabotage efforts are the very ones designed to raise health insurance premiums. Here are seven ways they're doing it -- while blaming "rate shock" on the leaders working in good faith to implement the law and make health coverage more affordable. Where's the outrage?


Florida Students Advocating For Schoolhouses, Not Jailhouses

For many American teenagers, hearing criticism of their supposed apathy towards the issues of the day is almost a routine occurrence. But not for this group of Florida students. Dream Defenders, a Miami-based group of young people organized in reaction to the murder of 17 year old Trayvon Martin, is now working alongside Florida state lawmakers, including Progressive States Network member Sen. Dwight Bullard, to call for the passage of "Trayvon's Law" -- a package of legislative proposals that affect them directly. Last month, forty students belonging to the group took part in training on how to speak effectively about the proposal to lawmakers. Then they did exactly that, meeting with state legislators and their aides in the Florida state capitol. It's the kind of advocacy work that would impress professionals who do it for a living.