Activists Protest North Carolina's Turn to Right-Wing Extremism

No state is seeing a bigger and more devastating deluge of right-wing legislation move this year than North Carolina, where a tea-party-controlled legislature has been advancing bills alternatively dangerous and absurd -- and sometimes both. A voter ID proposal is just the latest to gain national attention, as residents of all fifty states get a glimpse of what an unfettered conservative movement in a state actually looks like, and activists in North Carolina raise the temperature in protest:

North Carolina's legislature, "a tragicomedy that seems to get more outrageous from week to week." [Charlotte Observer]

MSNBC's All In with Chris Hayes went over some of the craziness to take place this session in a segment this week. [MSNBC]

A voter ID bill that would ban student IDs as well as other bills to restrict early voting and same day registration all appear headed toward passage. [News Observer]

North Carolina college students have been taking a lead role protesting voter suppression efforts. [Colorlines]

Five students were arrested and thrown in jail as part of an action on May Day protesting the slew of legislative attacks on working families and disenfranchised communities. [Student Power NC]

Seventeen activists and civil rights leaders were arrested in total at the protest. [WRAL]

North Carolina's legislature has also introduced a "series of bills that would curtail the ability of cities and urban counties to govern themselves." [BusinessWeek]

A look at the big corporate money behind the extreme conservative agenda in the Tar Heel State. [Center for Media and Democracy]


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