Eye on the Right: Conservative Computer Security Expert Blows the Whistle on Lack of Ballot Security

Those who have followed the growing controversy over electronic voting machines are well aware that, as we have highlighted, these machines are a direct threat to our elections for multiple reasons.  First, all machines and source codes that have been examined by computer scientists have proven to be highly insecure.  Second, these machines have broken down and lost votes in every national election in which they have been used.  And third, Premier Election Systems (formerly “Diebold”?) has recently admitted that in fact there is a “critical programming error”? in their machines that can affect vote totals.  Critics have charged that at least two statewide races have been stolen and even Robert Kennedy Jr. has laid out the case for computer fraud in the 2004 presidential election

Adding credence to these charges, Stephen Spoonamore, a computer security expert who has examined electronic voting technology, lays out facts on how elections can be stolen in a recent interview.  A life-long Republican, Mr. Spoonamore’s political credentials are impressive and include work for Rudy Guliani, Michael Bloomburg and John McCain.  He is also the former CEO of Cybrinth, an international computer security firm, and has spent time as an international election monitor.  Due to the efforts of members of the grassroots election integrity community and specifically the folks at, a video of an interview by Spoonamore with a major network that was never shown on television is available.  The interview video, posted here, is a must see.  The following quotes give an idea of the gravity of his indictments.

Spoonamore: They're stealing elections...?

“All code needs to be inspected by external auditors, all processes need to be validated by external ”¦ the same way we do banking systems.  Do credit card systems get defrauded?  Yes, to the tune of two and a half percent.  Two and a half percent is a major amount if you are dealing with a vote”¦  That level of background fraud, we can’t get it below that point, it is just too hard.  Do you want to have a system in place where there is a permanent background of electronic voting fraud at two and a half percent?  ”¦ I don’t.  Paper ballots please.  That is the only thing that can be secure.”?

As far as a remedy, Spoonamore puts himself solidly in the camp of those who demand the use of paper ballots, optically scanned with robust post-election audits.  His computer fraud expertise makes him confident when claiming that no other system is reliable enough for running our or any countries' elections.  Other groups promoting paper ballots and other ballot security measures include Robert Kennedy Jr.'s new initiative No Voter Left Behind, Voter Action, Voters Unite, Black Box Voting, and Election Defense Alliance.

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