More Progressive Victories in Colorado

It wasn't so long ago that Colorado was considered a hotspot for ascendant conservative national movements, from the religious right to an anti-tax revolt to anti-immigrant extremism. But times (and demographics) are clearly changing, and quickly. With progressives empowered by recent elections, this session has seen Colorado's legislature advance, pass, and enact progressive legislation across a range of issue areas. And with the state's session drawing to a close in a matter of days, the wins are piling up. From voting rights to welcoming immigrants to enacting sensible gun laws and civil unions, the multiple progressive victories in Colorado this year provide a hopeful model and counter-example to the destructive agendas advanced by conservatives in statehouses across the nation in recent years. Here's how their session is finishing up:

This week will mark the end of "one of the noisiest legislative sessions in decades." [Denver Post]

State Rep. Dan Pabon: "I think we've been listening to the people of Colorado and they've told us, 'We put you in charge and we want you to get something done." [Denver Post]

The Colorado legislature passed a package of legislation to modernize elections and expand access to voting this week, including vote-by-mail. [National Journal]

Ten years after it was first proposed, Colorado's ASSSET tuition equity bill was officially signed into law by Gov. Hickenlooper this week. [KUNC]

The governor also recently signed the "Community and Law Enforcement Trust Act" into law, making Colorado the first state in the nation to repeal a "show me your papers" requirement. [Colorado Immigrant Rights Coalition]

A bill to create driver's licenses for undocumented immigrants in Colorado is also moving forward. [Denver Post]

A bill to create a state earned income tax credit also advanced this week. [Denver Post]

Colorado's legislature also acted to strengthen the state's renewable energy standard this week. [ClimateProgress]

And civil unions became legal in Colorado this week -- here are some photos of the first couples to participate in ceremonies. [Denver Post]


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