Parents Trigger Defeat of "Parent Trigger" Bills

For-profit charter school companies and their allies were hoping to push so-called "parent trigger" bills this year in over a dozen states -- bills which purport to "empower" parents of poor-performing schools by allowing them to vote to turn over their neighborhood schools to private companies. But in state after state, parents themselves have been pushing back. 

Georgia's legislative session came to a close last week, after a parent trigger bill ran into strong opposition earlier in the session and was withdrawn. [AP]

More on the defeat of the Georgia bill. [Atlanta Journal Constitution]

Parents are pushing to defeat bills in Colorado and Oklahoma as well. [Education Votes]

After contentious debate, Florida's House this week voted to advance a parent trigger bill which is similar to a bill that passed last year but died in the Senate. [News Herald]

"We already have a voice... When the trigger is pulled, the only people with a voice are the private-management companies." - State Rep. Mark Danish, who voted against the bill. [Orlando Sentinel]

Jeff Bryant on the damage being caused by the charter school "movement" in North Carolina, Ohio, and elsewhere. [Education Opportunity Network]

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