Setting Up Successful Health Insurance Marketplaces

With less than five months to go until state health insurance marketplaces are set to begin enrollment, Progressive States Network is hosting a webinar for legislators and legislative staff on how to set up successful health insurance marketplaces under the Affordable Care Act this Monday, May 13th at 4pm ET. Monday's webinar is part of a series that Progressive States Network is hosting in the coming months on the challenges and opportunities facing state legislators on health care. Future topics will include what lawmakers need to know about the ACA before 2014 and improving health outcomes while saving state budgets. (The webinar series is designed for legislators and legislative staff and supported by The Commonwealth Fund, a national, private foundation based in New York City that supports independent research on health care issues and makes grants to improve health care practice and policy.) Register for Monday's webinar here.

This week, President Obama began a push to remind the public of the many provisions of the health care law that have either already taken effect or will soon, including the exchanges in October, as states continued to work on getting their exchanges set up while also engaging in their own efforts to educate the public:

Colorado became the first state to kick off a public awareness campaign for a state exchange with a $2 million ad campaign. [ThinkProgress]

Other states, including Oregon and Kentucky, are expected to kick off marketing efforts next month. [Kaiser Health News]

Community health centers are poised to get $150 million to increase enrollment in exchanges. [Kaiser Health News]

The White House launched a new effort this week to increase awareness of the benefits of the Affordable Care Act including the exchanges, targeting women and young people. [AP]

Others in the federal government are sending signals that the exchanges will be up and ready to go starting October 1st. [USA Today]

The Department of Health and Human Services approved a model requested by the governor of Utah that will see the state and federal government divide responsibilities for the exchange. [AP]

Idaho has until May 20th to decide which parts of the federal exchange it plans to use. [Politico]


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