What States Stand to Gain from the Marketplace Fairness Act

This week, the U.S. Senate passed a bill that would help states fill their coffers, fund critical programs, and avoid damaging cuts by an over two-to-one margin in a bipartisan vote. Difficult to believe in this era of austerity and obstruction? The Marketplace Fairness Act would allow states to collect sales taxes on out-of-state online purchases, closing a loophole that currently gives online retailers a major advantage over in-state brick-and-mortar businesses. The bill has picked up support from some major retailers, including Amazon, as well as some conservatives, but is still expected to see strong opposition from anti-tax activists when it heads to the House. However, the bipartisan vote in the Senate this week may be one more indication of a slow-motion shift in the politics of taxation and spending underway in both D.C. and the states:

The Marketplace Fairness Act passed the Senate 69-27 this week, and would apply to all retailers with sales over $1 million per year. [ThinkProgress]

The proposal would "untie states' hands in the fight against online sales tax evasion," opening up an additional $23 billion a year in currently uncollected sales taxes. [Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy]

A battle is expected over the bill in the U.S. House as some online merchants and anti-tax activists gear up to oppose it. [Reuters]

A state like Washington stands to collect $845 million every two years if the bill is enacted. [Seattle Times]

Colorado is already preparing by passing legislation that will put the state in position to participate in the Marketplace Fairness Act. [Colorado Statesman]

An interactive map of what each state stands to lose in revenue without passage of the Marketplace Fairness Act. [NCSL]


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