Research Roundup 5/17: Wage Theft and Fast Food Workers, Continuing Effects of Sequestration, How the Wall Street Crash Stalled the Economy, and More

Wasted Wealth: How the Wall Street Crash Continues to Stall Economic Recovery and Deepen Racial Inequity in America [Alliance for Just Society, Home Defender's League, The New Bottom Line]
This report examines the continuing devastating impact of the foreclosure crisis and "documents how principal reduction -- reducing mortgages to fair market value for underwater homeowners -- is the fair policy our country needs. It’s impact could have far-reaching effects: from saving homeowners thousands of dollars a year, to creating 1.5 million jobs to being the needed boost our economy needs." It includes local reports on a number of cities.

New York's Hidden Crime Wave: Wage Theft and NYC's Fast Food Workers [Fast Food Forward]
"In a survey of 500 New York City fast food workers conducted in April 2013 by Anzalone Liszt Grove Research, 84 percent of workers surveyed responded that their employer had committed at least one form of wage theft in the past year. Two-thirds of workers surveyed reported that their employer had perpetrated two forms of wage theft and nearly half reported their employer had committed at least three kinds of wage theft."

Scorecard: Essential Disclosure Requirements for Independent Spending, 2013 [National Institute on Money in State Politics]
"Just how much money is spent independently on elections for state office? The answer remains elusive in the majority of states, according to the Institute's latest analysis of disclosure requirements for independent spending. The analysis found that 15 states require full disclosure of both forms of independent spending: express advocacy and electioneering communications. Unfortunately, 26 states continue to fail to ensure meaningful disclosure of this spending."

Sequestration Nation: Cutting Impact Aid Funding Harms Our Nation’s Schoolchildren [Center for American Progress]
"Each week in our 'Sequestration Nation' series, we will highlight examples of the many ways in which the federal budget cuts may hurt you and your neighbors. This week we explore sequestration’s effect on schoolchildren from military households and Native American reservations."

Infographic: Online Lookup Tools For Voters 2012 [Pew Charitable Trusts]
"How do voters find the information they need on and before Election Day? Many voters turn to online resources, such as state election websites, to find polling locations, absentee ballot and provisional ballot information before casting their vote. This report outlines which online election tools are made available for voters in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. Which tools does your state offer?"

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