PSN at Netroots Nation 2012

The Inside Game: Progressive Legislative Caucuses at the State and Local Level

Every year on the state and local level, the Netroots works to elect candidates to offices large and small, win victories in legislative fights and hold their elected officials accountable. Increasingly, these efforts are being matched by the building of critical internal infrastructure within legislative bodies themselves: progressive caucuses of lawmakers who are working to advance policy agendas, win messaging wars and influence the debate in their states and cities. This session brings together many involved in these efforts—from advocacy groups, city councils and state legislatures—to address critical questions and share their experiences about how state and local progressive caucuses can best work with allies to define progressive values in red and blue states alike and grow the national progressive movement.

Livestreaming Saturday, Jun. 9 10:30 AM

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Suman Raghunathan

Suman coordinates Progressive States Network’s work across policy areas and varied stakeholders, including progressive state legislators. She also directs PSN’s State Immigration Project and has significantly amplified the organization’s efforts to educate and engage state legislators and advocates on immigration policy. The daughter of Indian immigrants and the former Interim Executive Director of Chhaya Community Development Corporation, where she now serves on the Board of Directors, Suman’s expertise lies in crafting policy platforms and advocacy strategies. She has also developed programs to engage immigrants in the electoral process at the New York Immigration Coalition and OneAmerica, including managing the nation’s largest voter registration project for new citizens. Suman holds a Bachelor’s degree in International Relations from Brown University and a Master’s in Nonprofit Management from Milano The New School for Management and Urban Policy.