Statement on President Obama's Inaugural Address

Tuesday, January 22, 2013
CONTACT: Charles Monaco, Director of Communications and New Media, Progressive States Network,

Progressive States Network Statement on President Obama's Inaugural Address

New York, NY — Ann Pratt, Executive Director of Progressive States Network, made the following comments in reaction to President Obama's inaugural address:

"President Obama's inaugural address laid out a bold, clear vision for our nation's future based on our long-held common values of equality, fairness, and opportunity. At a moment when great economic, social, and global challenges persist for our states and our nation, the solutions that the President proposed — rooted in those progressive values — will only be achieved if we focus on them at every level of government. From building the economic security of the middle class, to ensuring marriage equality for all, to welcoming immigrants as aspiring citizens who contribute to our economy, to protecting our children through common-sense measures to prevent gun violence, to finally addressing the immediate crises posed by climate change, state legislators have led on these issues in recent years. Progressives in the states should be emboldened by the President's words, and will continue to lead on these issues and others through President Obama's second term and beyond." 


Progressive States Network ( is a non-partisan, non-profit organization dedicated to supporting the work of progressive state legislators around the country and to the advancement of state policies that deliver on the issues that matter to working families: integrating immigrants into our communities, strong wage standards and workplace freedom, balancing work and family responsibilities, health care for all, smart growth and clean energy, tax and budget reform, clean and fair elections, and technology investments to bridge the digital divide.