Messaging Resource: How to Talk About the Burdensome, Job-Killing E-Verify Mandate

Messaging Resource: How to Talk About the Burdensome,  Job-Killing E-Verify Mandate To view the full report as a PDF, click here.

E-Verify is a federal pilot employment-verification system that filters a worker’s identification
information through the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and Social Security
Administration (SSA) databases---in theory, flagging as ineligible any worker whose information
doesn’t match up with federal records. This controversial system has become a go-to talking point
for anti-immigrant officials intent on a misguided “self-deportation” policy, which does nothing to
address the root causes of America’s broken immigration system.

Over the last few years, state legislatures across the country have consistently seen efforts to impose
this misunderstood and ineffective federal program on government agencies, public contracts,
and even statewide. These bills cost states critical tax revenue; support the underground economy;
burden employers, particularly small businesses; and ultimately kill jobs at a time when job creation
and retention are critical to economic recovery in the states and the nation.

However, a growing coalition of smart state legislators, small businesses, libertarians, and
progressives are coming together to underline how the program will damage state economies and
affirm the value of immigrant economic contributions. Some state legislators are also introducing
bills to bar mandatory E-Verify from crippling their small businesses and stalling their state’s efforts
at economic recovery. California, for example, passed legislation in 2011, AB 1236, that bars state
and local governments from using the voluntary federal system.

In the report, you'll find some key talking points and facts to help outline how mandatory E-Verify
proposals will cost your state tax receipts and jobs. Below, you'll see some maps to help visualize the financial impact of E-Verify - roll your mouse over your state to see the data.

The Cost of E-Verify to Your State: Loss in Economic Activity

The Cost of E-Verify to Your State: Loss to State GDP

The Cost of E-Verify to Your State: Jobs Lost