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MomsRising & State Legislators Team Up to Shine A Light On The High Cost Of Low Wages & Benefits For Families

Today, as part of the National Week of Action, 12 state legislators are participating in a Blog Carnival sponsored by MomsRising. State legislators from across the country are blogging about economic security issues important to America's working. From Arizona to Massachusetts, state legislators are taking action on the need to guarantee paid family leave and earned sick days, as well as raise the minimum wage.

Americans United For Change & Progressive States Network Spotlight Momentum to "Give America A Raise" Building In The States

Washington, DC– Fresh off a 3,500 mile, 11-state "Give America A Raise" Bus Tour that gained widespread local media attention and put Republicans in Congress on notice to represent the clear majority of Americans and raise the minimum wage to $10.10, Americans United For Change was joined today by leading state legislators working with Progressive States Network, a national organization that empowers state legislators to advance progressive solutions, to announce a ‘National Week of Action for Real Prosperity Across America’ starting today.  Visit:

Upcoming Events: Taking Action To Ensure Equal Pay For Equal Work

This year, Equal Pay Day is on April 8. During this week, which coincides with the National Week of Action for Real Prosperity Across America, state legislators are lifting up the strategic policies that promote women's success -- including measures that tackle gender discrimination in pay, modernize workplace standards, and provide the tools women and families need to get ahead.

PRESS CALL: APRIL 7, 10:30am ET: AUFC, Progressive States Network to Discuss “Give America A Raise” Week of Action in 20 States


Media Advisory: On April 7 at 10:30am ET, Americans United For Change & Progressive States Network will hold a national press call to discuss the 11-state “Give America A Raise” bus tour & Week of Action in 20 states.

Release: Progressive States Network Announces National Week of Action


Progressive States Network announces the National Week of Action for Real Real Prosperity Across America, to be held from April 7 to 13.

Living On The Minimum Wage In Connecticut As State Makes History

In advance of Connecticut's history-making minimum wage increase and as part of the National Week of Action for Real Prosperity Across America, Connecticut State Senator Gary Holder-Winfield takes the Grocery Challenge.

Pennsylvania State Sen. Daylin Leach: A Minimum Wage Hike Is Long Past Due

What would a minimum wage increase mean for Pennsylvanians? State Sen. Daylin Leach responds to flawed NFIB opinion piece: A Minimum Wage Hike Is Long Past Due.

National Organizations To Broadcast Channels: Cover The High Cost Of Low Wages

Last week, Progressive States Network joined a national coalition letter to the broadcast channels urging them to make their coverage of the minimum wage more informative, particuarly with respect to the high public cost of low wages.  

RELEASE: Lawmakers File Brief In Support Of Health Care Tax Credits In Latest ACA Lawsuit


This week, 125 state legislators across 28 states who are working with Progressive States Network and the Constitutional Accountability Center filed a brief in the case of Halbig v. Sebelius. Joined in the brief by Congressional leaders, including House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, these lawmakers affirm that the tax credits provided under the Affordable Care Act -- the legislative provisions at issue in the Halbig case -- were indeed intended and crafted to be available to the American people regardless of their state.

Show Me The Money! Freeing Up State Budgets By Ending Wasteful Corporate Giveaways

Two major reports are out today showing how reining in wasteful corporate tax loopholes and subsidies can free up state budgets to fund our shared priorities, like retirement security. Read on for more information about Good Jobs First's "Putting State Pension Costs in Context" and U.S. PIRG's "Closing the Billion Dollar Loophole."