Pennsylvania Agenda For Women's Health: Going Beyond Playing Defense


Today, on the anniversary of the landmark Roe v. Wade decision, Pennsylvania legislators are shining a spotlight on the Pennsylvania Agenda for Women's Health. Reflecting a cross-section of issues and concerns facing women and families today, the Agenda is designed to go beyond playing defense and advance a slate of proactive women's health priorities.

State Rep. Dan Frankel and State Sen. Judy Schwank, co-chairs of the Pennsylvania Legislature's Women's Health Caucus, are leading the effort. With these legislators' Agenda for Women's Health as a leading model, here's to making 2014 a year of solutions.

Here are the specific provisions of the Women's Health Agenda, which is explained in more detail here, and by Rep. Frankel, via video here.

  • Empowering pregnant women and working mothers, including nursing moms, to stay productive and successful in the workplace
  • Making sure women can access their doctors at health care clinics without political protestors harassing them and getting in the way
  • Pay equity legislation to modernize rules making sure women are paid fairly for the same work as men
  • Increasing access to health care that prevents breast and cervical cancers from sidelining women in their prime years
  • Stopping penalties on women victimized by domestic violence for seeking help
  • Banning harassment based on posting intimate photos and videos without consent