Bipartisan State Legislator Coalition Opposes NAFTA-style deal with Korea


As the U.S. Congress gears up to make decisions on the Korea free trade agreement, state legislators are urging Congress to consider the repercussions of another NAFTA-style agreement for states. The Korea agreement is anticipated as the first in a bevvy of bad trade agreements to come before Conress this year, with similar Colombia and Panama FTAs to follow. A bipartisan coalition of state legislators is asking fellow lawmakers from all 50 states to join them in sending a message to Congress. More information on the Korea FTA and how it will affect your state is available from Global Trade Watch.

The petition to Congress highlights the risks the Korea, Colombia and Panama deals pose for state economies as well as to state environmental and public health laws:

“At a time when states are grappling with budget crises and trying to spur job creation, we are skeptical of more NAFTA-style trade pacts that forbid Buy America/Buy Local policies. These pacts are gutting our middle class. We have seen over 43,000 U.S. small and medium manufacturing firms go out of business and more than 5.5 million American manufacturing jobs lost – gutting our local tax bases and our ability to produce the products we need for our own infrastructure and security since NAFTA. It’s estimated that the Korea deal could cost our states 159,000 jobs over the next seven years. The U.S. International Trade Commission says it will further increase the US trade deficit.”

The growing coalition includes state legislators from Maine, Wisconsin, Idaho, Washington and New York.

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Bipartisan State Legislator Coalition Opposes NAFTA-style deal with Korea

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