Blocking Attacks on Workers' Rights

Efforts to advance an anti-labor agenda died in recent weeks in both Indiana and Kentucky when workers and their allies in statehouses rallied opposition to the proposals. So-called 'right-to-work' legislation was brought up in both states. In Indiana, legislative leadership had indicated they wouldn't bring it up for a vote, but a representative moved it as an amendment. Hard work led to an overwhelming defeat of the measure 65-31. Union leaders who helped lead the victory said that number overstates their support. Once legislators realized that they were going to lose and look bad, many of them switched their votes to the winning side.

More recently, two bills backed by Kentucky Governor Ernie Fletcher went down to defeat. Fletcher was proposing both a right-to-work-for-less bill and a proposal to repeal Kentucky's prevailing wage law. The proposals both died a death in committee. Their deaths were followed by a happy wake pulled together by Kentucky workers. A group of business executives have said that they remain "committed" to giving their employees the "opportunity" to make less money. We don't doubt their commitment one bit.

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