Conservatives Fight to Take Away Local Control

The plain hypocrisy of "small-government" conservatives backing state efforts to preempt local communities from passing their own wage and benefits standards continues to gain attention, even as more local efforts to pass paid sick days and living wage laws advance. But, as reports this week showed, corporate-backed state legislative intrusions into local communities have not been limited to attacking wage and benefits standards -- they have also extended to blocking local environmental regulations and redrawing district lines for local offices:

A look at how conservatives in state legislatures in Florida, Michigan, and elsewhere have tried to pre-empt local governments from enacting paid sick days laws. [Stateline]

Another take on how conservatives in statehouses are attempting to take decision making powers away from local communities on paid sick days as well as a host of other issues. [Alternet]

Florida Gov. Rick Scott must now decide whether to sign or veto the preemption bill that passed the legislature. [PR Watch]

A paid sick days bill was introduced in New Jersey this week to provide employees with at least one hour of earned sick time for every 30 hours worked. [The Record]

Family Values @ Work Executive Director and Progressive States Network board member Ellen Bravo recaps the successful campaign for a paid sick days law in Portland, Oregon. [In These Times]

In Georgia and North Carolina, those efforts by conservatives have included blocking stricter local environmental regulations and redrawing district lines for local elected offices. [AP]


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