Family-Friendly Business Rules

Two states, two different stories. Colorado's House just weakened a bill that would allow workers to take a small amount of time off each week for family reasons, such as parent-teacher meetings. Meanwhile, Arizona's legislature is unanimously moving a bill forward to protect the right of mothers to breast feed their children in public businesses.

In Colorado, where progressives offered up a compromise simply requiring businesses to craft family leave policies, the business community is condemning even the weakened version as a "mandate" on business. In Arizona, both progressives and conservatives are invoking the right to be a good parent as more fundamental than property rights of business-owners.

The fact of the matter is that research clearly shows that parental involvement in education is critical to student success. So if we want to student success, we need to give parents the freedom to be involved.

If progressives want to be seen as fighting for values and standing up for morals in modern America, standing up for working families is an important first step. Little matters more than giving parents the freedom they need to help their children succeed.

As a Republican legislator in Arizona put it, there are some rights that are older than businessmen's economic rights. That includes the right to be a good parent. It's high time we helped parents exercise that right.

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