Green Economy Roundtable Law Enacted in Rhode Island

Rhode Island’s HB 7407, now Public Law No. 2010-203, creates the Green Economy Roundtable to advise and assist the Governor and General Assembly in advancing Rhode Island’s green energy economy by developing a statewide action plan.

The bill redefines the composition of Rhode Island’s Green Economy Roundtable in order to ensure a balanced representation of government efforts in advancing the green economy.  Roundtable members will ensure that green economy decisions originate from the community as well as from business perspectives so that prosperity is shared by all residents of Rhode Island.

Similar to parts of Progressive States Network’s Green Building model legislation, such a roundtable ensures that community-based leaders, including union organizers, work in conjunction with representatives from the business sector in a task force that will promote, create and retain sustainable green jobs.

Progressive States Network - Green Building Model Legislation
Rhode Island - Green Economy Roundtable (HB 7407/Public Law No. 2010-203)