Memories of Long Lines Focus Attention on Election Reform

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A new analysis showing how widely voters' wait times on Election Day differed by state and demographic group — as well a new report on how voter registration modernization and early voting could help fix the problem — are both helping to focus more attention on election reform efforts early in state legislative sessions. Meanwhile, efforts to suppress the vote are proceeding as well, while a controversial redistricting scheme in Virginia seems to have fallen apart.

PSN released this infographic and map of how voters' wait times differed by state and demographic group. [PSN]

The Brennan Center for Justice released a report with three main recommendations on how to fix the problem of long lines at the polls: modernizing voter registration, a fixed national time period for early voting, and setting minimum standards for polling place access. [Huffington Post]

Nicole Austin-Hillery on the Voter Empowerment Act, comprehensive legislation introduced by U.S. Rep. John Lewis that would "address the core problems that led to voter frustration and disfranchisement in 2012." [Roll Call]

Florida Gov. Rick Scott's own Secretary of State is joining the call for expanded early voting days and locations in Florida. [AP]

Reports indicate that President Obama may soon join the push for action in Congress — perhaps including it in his State of the Union address this week. [New York Times]

Ari Berman in The Nation on the collapse of the bipartisan consensus in support of the Voting Rights Act, and why conservatives are now trying to destroy it. [The Nation]

A bill that would have purged Colorado's voter rolls of "suspected" non-citizens failed to pass. [Project Vote]

Virginia's partisan redistricting scheme, launched last month while a key State Senator was absent attending President Obama's inauguration, fell apart after being ruled "not germane" by the Speaker of the House. [ThinkProgress]

Virginia passed another measure restricting the types of identification accepted at the polls. [Blue Virginia]

Legislation introduced in Indiana would attempt to prevent out-of-state college students from voting. [Indianapolis Star]


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