Multiple States Mull Raising Minimum Wage

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Many states are already considering action on the minimum wage in new sessions — by legislation or by ballot initiative. Polls and studies released this week continued to show both the broad and deep popularity and the positive economic effects of raising the wage:

Twenty-three states have either already increased their minimum wage or are considering increases this year. [USA Today]

After New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie vetoed a wage increase, the issue is set to go to voters in a ballot initiative in November. [Politicker NJ]

A look at how Gov. Christie's veto will hurt New Jersey's economy as it continues to suffer from one of the highest unemployment rates in the nation. [Demos]

A new study showed increasing the minimum wage in New York state to $8.75 would create thousands of new jobs. [The Post-Standard]

Support for raising the minimum wage exceeded 70 percent within "every income, age, educational, and regional group" in a new poll of New York state voters. [The Business Review]

For the second year in a row, increasing the minimum wage is back on the legislative agenda in Connecticut. [AP]

In Washington, the state with the highest minimum wage, an effort is afoot to allow employers to pay workers a lower "training wage." [Washington Policy Watch]


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