OH: Spending Cap Shuffle May Indicate Weakening of a Wedge

What political observer is not interested in changes in Ohio's political landscape? The state has a tendency to be decisive in Presidential elections and is gripped by high-profile races for Governor and Senator this year. So it is very interesting that conservatives appear to be edging away from a radical Constitutional spending cap modeled on Colorado's failed TABOR law.

Controversial Governor Bob Taft just signed into law a statutory spending cap -- part of a deal to encourage other conservatives to drop their support for the more far-reaching TABOR proposal once backed by conservative leaders. In fact, only a year ago, conservative schemers sought to move the vote on the spending cap to 2006 in order to influence voters.

Fortunately, it appears that the public is aware of the disastrous impacts that TABOR had on Colorado. Support for the amendment in Ohio became a problem for conservative leaders.

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