Real Solutions on Immigration

Yesterday, the Washington Post reported that with the federal government failing to act on immigration issues, states are taking the lead. Unfortunately, the Post quickly turns the article into the same tired dichotomy of bills either "get[ting] tough" or "making life easier" for immigrants -- failing to consider whether any of the measures actually solve the problem.

Other publications haven't had this problem. As the Los Angeles Times reported recently and as we and our allies have been repeating to anyone who will listen -- when "LA began to enforce existing industrial laws more than other major cities", along with other factors, "they deflected about 1 million Mexican immigrants away from the L.A. region." They solved the immigration problem without demonizing immigrants, without spending billions building fences or attempting to deport, and while protecting wages and employment conditions for all workers. Other states, the federal government, and the Washington Post would all be wise to pay heed to the lessons of Los Angeles.