The Political Landscape

As November 2006 approaches, political observers have their eyes on changing political winds. A number of observers are also keeping a close eye on the states, where many outcomes are up in the air and the stakes are high. Control of 29 legislative chambers -- almost one in three -- is up for grabs and leaders of both the Republicana and Democratic parties are pledging to put major resources into winning legislative seats.

The resources are moving in part because the stakes are so high. An article (subscribers only) in today's Wall Street Journal highlights at least two issues likely to be impacted -- taxes and tort reform. In reality, the makeup of statehouses can impact a whole range of issues, including two we highlight below -- health care and immigration.

The increasing awareness among progressives of the power of states to significantly impact public policy is a hopeful sign (for a full accounting of the power of the states, read the Progressive States report from earlier this year). Check out below to find out more about how a couple critical issues are playing in some key states.

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