Vote-by-Mail Earns Backing from NAACP, Senator Kerry

Supporters of Oregon's unique universal vote-by-mail system got a serious leg up this month when the NAACP adopted a resolution formally endorsing the system. The NAACP joins the AFL-CIO in publicly backing the system, which has gained widespread support among representatives of working families for the way that it increases flexibility for voters and also serves as a reminder of otherwise low-profile elections for many of us in our busy day-to-day lives.

Oregon's system also made a cameo in the Congressional debate over the Voting Rights Act when Senator Ron Wyden of Oregon made a plug for the process that has served his home state so well. Shortly thereafter, Senator John Kerry joined in, saying that universal vote-by-mail "works brilliantly.... People have a lot of time to be able to vote. They don't have to struggle with work issues, being sick, other kinds of things. And they have plenty of time to have the kind of transparency and accountability that really makes this system work."

With multiple states looking to liberalize vote-by-mail and absentee voting laws, Progressive States compiled a number of "best practices" on the subject.

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