Affordable Housing, Corporate Subsidies, and America's Low Tax Burden

In a time of rising gas prices, a lot of commuters are asking if that "cheap" housing in a distant suburb is such a bargain, the Center for Transit-Oriented Development and the Center for Neighborhood Technology have created a new tool, "The Affordability Index" that measures the household budget tradeoffs made between housing and transportation costs and the advantages that families living in transit-rich environments gain.

Good Jobs First has inaugurated a new feature, Subsidies in the News, a review of state and local tax subsidies in the newsï┬┐┬Żand whether communities are actually getting the economic benefits from these corporate handouts.

Just in time for Congress giving the wealthy another $70 billion tax cut while cutting services for working families the Urban Institute has a new study showing that the U.S., including federal, state and local levels, has a lower tax burden than almost all other developed nations.