State Venture Capital Funds, Small Business has Positive Attitude About the Minimum Wage, and How Citizen Children of Immigrants

Venture Funds: State equity funds in 44 states are providing $5.8 billion to promote job growth in the states, according to the National Association of Seed and Venture Funds' State Venture Capital Study. They also break down investments by state.

Venture Funds: Another study by Pacific Community Ventures lays out some steps to better measure the social returns from venture capital funds concentrating on investments in low- and moderate-income communities.

Small Business and the Minimum Wage: A new Wells Fargo-Gallup Small Business Index poll, finds that small-business owners are far more supportive of raising the minimum wage than rightwing propaganda would suggest. According to the poll, forty-six percent of small-business owners say they believe the minimum wage should be increased while only 34% believe it should remain where it is now.

Children of Immigrants: The Urban Institute has released a fact sheet on the 5 million children of undocumented immigrants, two-third of whom are American-born and therefore citizens, who would be strongly impacted by federal and state policy proposals. Many don't receive adequate health care or education because their parents are afraid to apply for help.