Strengthening Public Health, Federal Medicaid Rules Hurting Foster Children, More Government Handouts to Corporations, and Ameri

RAND has pulled together a range of research on how governments can strengthen their public health systems to deal with a range of threats, from new infectious diseases to dealing with potential health effects of terrorism. The reports argue that local public health systems are inadequately staffed, technologially obsolete, and not coordinated well with the rest of the public health system.

Children in foster care may be denied health care because of federal regulations on citizenship requirements for Medicaid, according to a new analysis by the Center for Budget and Policy Priorities. To obtain documentation of citizenship for every child entering foster care is especially difficult because of the instability of the foster care caseload.

Good Jobs First's Subsidies in the News highlights the $1.2 billion subsidy package by New York State for Advanced Micro Devices to build a chip fabrication plant in upstate New York-- a package that will cost an outstounding $1 million for each of the 1200 jobs to be created. The update also details subsidy packages for Honda in Indiana, Target in Minnesota, Hollywood studios in New Mexico, and reports on subsidy programs in West Virginia and California.

The Economic Policy Institute's Jobs Picture shows that anemic job growth has continued in the last quarter, with wages only starting to catch up with inflation-- and still far below recent productivity growth which has fueled corporate profits without spreading the gains broadly to working families.