Immigrant Entrepreneurs, Youth Justice, Elder Care, Energy Efficiency, and Living Wages

From New York to Los Angeles, new immigrant entrepreneurs have emerged as key engines of urban growth, according to the Center for an Urban Future, with first generation immigrants creating a massive number of new businesses in these communities.

Despite all the rhetoric around Americas supporting "lock them up and throw away the key" criminal justice policies, a new poll by the National Council on Crime and Deliquency finds that while most Americans think youth crime is a problem, 7 in 10 think putting them in adult correctional facilities increases future crime and 91% believe that rehabilitation and treatment for youth helps prevent future crimes.

Think the health care costs of taking care of an aging population is costly?  So are the lost wages and drop in the female labor supply of women at midlife, since women are often key Elder Caregivers, as a new report by the Urban Institute details.

Florida is an example of a state falling behind the rest of the country in adapting to new energy challenges, according to a report by the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy, but shifts in policy could cut traditional electricty use by 45 percent by 2023.

While raising the minimum wage if a good thing, most families need more-- and real living wage jobs are not easy to find in Northwestern states, as detailed in new reports by the Northwest Federation of Community Organizations.