Research Roundup


Treating teenagers like adults in the criminal justice system, especially for youth charged with non-violent crimes, is a recipe for crippling young lives without increasing public safety.  This is the conclusion of a wide-ranging report by The Campaign for Youth Justice, which also highlights which states promote the best and worst practices in dealing with teenage offenders.

Want to make sure that tax dollars for businesses deliver good jobs?  There's a new handbook, The Ideal Deal: How Local Governments Can Get More for Their Economic Development Dollar, produced by Good Jobs First and the Center for Urban Economic Development at the University of Illinois at Chicago, which outlines step-by-step how to design economic development contracts to maximize returns to our communities.

While making sure fathers provide child support is a critical goal, CLASP argues in this issue brief that ex-prisoners often end up with accumulated child support debt that drives them back into the illegal economy, so government needs to focus on policies that encourage legitimate work matched with child support levels taking into account the financial means of ex-prisoners.

The Commonwealth Fund has done an analysis of Congressional health care reform proposals in recent years-- a useful blueprint for states looking for how federal policy may impact state health care plans.


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