Research Roundup


Like too many corporate subsidies, New York State's Industrial Development Agencies' (IDAs) property exemptions end up subsidizing wealthy communities and fueling regional sprawl, Good Jobs First finds, even as poorer communities most in need are bypassed for financial support.

Despite the political diversity of religious believers in the United States, a new report by Media Matters finds that the media consistently over represents the views of conservative religious leaders, while failing to interview progressive religious leaders much of the time.

A new report on Growing up in North America finds that children throughout Mexico, the United States and Canada share rising obesity rates, expanded respiratory illnesses and exposure to chemicals that are adding to developmental problems. As these three countries integrate their economies, the report urges that joint action to counteract these trends become part of the agenda.

The Urban Institute finds that the No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Act has caused some problems for schools educating English language learners (ELLs), but overall the law has had positive effects by increasing attention to the curriculum and instructional needs of these students.

The Drum Major Institute releases their Marketplace of Ideas report, looking at progressive policies that have proven their worth: MN: Subsidy Accountability, San Francisco: Reducing Criminal Recidivism Resolve, ME: Affordable Prescription Drugs for the Uninsured, and OK: Universal Preschool.