Research Roundup


With passage of the federal minimum wage, the Economic Policy Institute has released a new study showing where state minimum wage rates will remain higher than the new federal rate in coming years.

Good Jobs First has created the Wal-Mart Subsidy Watch, a state-by-state database detailing the billion dollar plus in government subsidies received by the company, including 39 deals totaling $200 million just in the last three years.

Multiple reports in Wisconsin have highlighted corporate abuse of loopholes with the state doing little to track the problem, so the Center on Wisconsin Strategy has released a a policy report calling for the state to enact corporate tax and subsidy disclosure legislation to better inform the public and policymakers on how to reform the tax system.

In The Challenges of Change, CLASP highlights that one out of five children have immigrant parents, yet despite the need for help in integrating into American life, these immigrant children are far less likely to participate in pre-school and other non-parental child care programs, highlighting the need for greater outreach and coordination with immigrant communities on early childhood programs.

The Bell Policy Center in Colorado has released a report detailing the need for increased insurance regulation in the small-group health insurance market in order to increase health coverage, research that supports strong implementation of the just signed HB 1355 by Colorado Governor Ritter that bars insurance companies from raising premium rates on small businesses based on the health status of workers.

Highlighting the problem of states without an income tax, a Washington State Budget and Policy Center study explains that while that state has relatively lower overall tax rates than most other states, low income individuals actually pay a higher share of their income in taxes than in any other state.


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