Research Roundup


Increasingly, exploitive unregulated work conditions are not just at the fringe of the economy, but are often a consistent part of industries ranging from supermarkets to child care to restaurants to manufacturing, according to a new report, Unregulated Work in the Global City, produced by the Brennan Center for Justice.  Policymakers need to deal with the pervasive violations of the federal, state and local laws that are supposed to protect workers-- but too often don't.

Highlighting how low-income students are underserved, a report, "Their Fair Share: How Teacher Salary Gaps Shortchange Poor Children in Texas," by The Education Trust finds that poor districts had lower-paid, less experienced teachers and recommends new incentives and budgeting rules to increase the number of experienced teachers in those needy districts.

Challenging overblown claims of economic growth gains from new proposed trade agreements, the Economic Policy Institute in Marketing the Gains from Trade argues that promoting inflated estimates of trade benefits undermines the democratic debate needed in understanding the positive and negative effects of trade deals on our economy.


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