More Recovery Data, Union Busting, Voter Registration Modernization, and New Immigration Reports

Reports Continue to Highlight the Dire Economy but also Tools for Recovery:

  • Recovery package eases but does not eliminate job woes- As EPI highlights in this state-by-state map of projected job losses, even with the recently passed stimulus package, most states will still have fewer jobs at the end of 2010 than they did before the recession began.
  • Pensionomics: Measuring the Economic Impact of State & Local Pension Plans - This new report finds that state and local government pension plans have a significant economic footprint:  supporting 2.5 million American jobs and had  $358 billion in economic impact.
  • The Future of Middle-Skill Jobs - This brief from the Brookings Institution examines the importance of mid-level jobs in helping disadvantaged workers move up the economic ladder.  With demand for those mid-level jobs growing, we need policies to help low-income workers gain the education and training to qualify for them.

Dropping the Ax: Illegal Firings During Union Election Campaigns, 1951-2007 - Surveying over a half century of union represenatation elections, this Center for Economic and Policy Research (CEPR) report  finds a significant increase in the current decade of illegal firings of workers seeking to form a union.  Pro-union workers were fired in 26 percent of union election campaigns over the period 2001-2007. 

Voter Registration Modernization: Policy Summary - This report from the Brennan Center for Justice makes a series of recommendations for reform of voter registration procedures, including federal funding to encourage universal registration at the state level and procedures to ensure voters remain on the rolls when they move.

A Couple of New Immigration Reports this week:

  • Debunking the Myth of "Sanctuary Cities" - Community Policing Policies Protect American Communities -  Cities that protect the ability of immigrant witnesses and victims of crimes to talk to the police without having their immigration status investigated help promote community policing that protects public safety, as documented in this report by the Immigration Policy Center.  And despite anti-immigrant mischaracterization, such "sanctuary cities" have a documented history of complying with federal law in assisting immigrationa agents in indentifying undocumented criminals.
  • State Identity Theft Bills -  With an explosion of state anti-immigrant measures that focus on use of a made-up or purchased social security number as “identity theft,” NELP has just completed this fact sheet to help fight back against these misguided proposals.  

Money for Nothing: Do Business Subsides Create Jobs or Leave Workers in Dire Straits? -  Despite spending millions of dollars annually to encourage private businesses to create good-paying jobs, the report by the West Virginia Center on Budget & Policy concludes  is getting little in return and recommend better public disclosure on each program, the jobs created and an annual unified development budget to track overall economic subsidies.