New Reports: The Housing Crash, Uninsured Americans, The Economics of Immigration Reform, Election Auditing, and 2008 Elections

The Housing Crash Recession and the Case for a Third Stimulus - To counter spiraling unemployment and the turmoil in the housing and stock markets, the CPER paper suggests an additional stimulus package, advocates for housing policy based on targeted stabilization of house prices in non-bubble and deflated markets, and the necessary correction of the dollar.

Americans at Risk: One in Three Uninsured - Families USA highlights the growing epidemic of uninsurance in America, with one out of three people under age 65 going without health insurance for some or all of 2007-2008 - a staggering 86.7 million Americans.  The report includes individual state reports and Families is planning a series of public releases in states across the country.

The Economics of Immigration Reform — This IPC Fact Check highlights that moving undocumented immigrants out of the underground economy through legalization would increase tax revenue and also raise American workers' wages and working conditions by putting all workers on equal footing, and eliminating unscrupulous employers' ability to unfairly compete and undermine workers' wages.

Report on Election Auditing - A comprehensive report on best practices for election audits has been released by the League of Women Voters.

Lessons Learned From the 2008 Elections - Common Cause presented testimony cataloging the most serious problems encountered in the 2008 elections and how to respond to the challenges that voters and election administrators faced.