Workplace Violations in LA, Rightwing Smears & Attacks, Supporting Low-Income Students, New Studies on Voting Rights, and More

Workplace Violations in Los Angeles: The Failure of Employment and Labor Law for Low-Wage Workers - Almost 30 percent of low-wage workers in Los Angeles are paid less than the minimum wage and 79.2 percent were not paid the legally required overtime rate by their employers, according to this survey of 1,815 low-income workers conducted by UCLA's Institute for Research on Labor and Employment.  To address these and other pay violations, the report urges greater government enforcement and assure that immigrant workers have full standing in court to come forward to hold employers legally accountable.

How Right Wing Extremists Try to Paralyze Government Through Ideological Smears and Baseless Attacks - This People for the American Way report traces the links between "guilt-by-association" tactics used by Joe McCarthy in the 1950s to current rightwing tactics to smear public officials today ranging from judges like Sonia Sotomayor to progressives nominated for government positions to attacks on President Obama himself.

Supporting Low-Income Students from K-12 through College:

Supporting children and new parents:

  • Roadmap to End Childhood Hunger in America by 2015 - National anti-hunger organizations outline nine steps to eliminate hunger, including immediate steps policymakers can take by funding child nutrition programs and assuring that unemployment insurance covers low-income workers with children losing their jobs.
  • There’s No Place Like Home: Home Visiting Programs Can Support Pregnant Women and New Parents - Home visiting programs, which offer in-home services to pregnant women and new families, can be an effective tool for meeting unmet needs, and they can lead to improved maternal and child health outcomes, positive parenting, safe homes, and connections to integrated assistance, according to this Center for American Progress brief.

New studies on voting rights and reforms around the country: