The Non-Existent Problem of Non-Citizen Voter Fraud, Measuring Economic Security and More

Chicken Little in the Voting Booth: The Non-Existent Problem of Non-Citizen Voter Fraud - Fear over non-citizen voter fraud has reached a fever pitch as Tea Party groups across the country mobilize "ballot security" operations in time for Election Day, and candidates clash over the hot-button issue of whether to require voters to present photo ID at the polls.  However, it is worth remembering that incidences of non-citizen voter fraud are actually quite rare.  The latest fact sheet from the Immigration Policy Center summarizes years of research from the Brennan Center, Project Vote, The New York Times, and other sources, which prove that these are all "solutions" in search of a problem. 

Our Fiscal Security - A project of the Century Foundation, Demos, and the Economic Policy Institute, Our Fiscal Security presents a dynamic framework for analyzing and thinking about the federal budget. The website will serve as a resource for progressive economic and federal fiscal analysis, featuring commentary, reports, and timely research.

State Data on Women & Poverty and Economic Insecurity - The National Women's Law Center (NWLC) recently released two state-by-state charts using recent Census data, one on women and poverty and a second on broader indicators of economic insecurity. The women and poverty chart includes poverty rates for women, black women, Hispanic women, elderly women and single mother families. The economic insecurity chart includes poverty rates for all people, children and single mother families as well as rates of unemployment, health insurance and the wage gap for each state. The NWLC released a thorough analysis of women’s poverty at a national level as well.