Proactive Economic Recovery, Foreclosures, and the Latino Vote in 2010

Economic Recovery and Equal Opportunity in the Public Disclosure - The Opportunity Agenda released an analysis of media coverage and public opinion research around the country's economic recovery.  The publication provides suggestions to reframe the discussion around the economy to encourage more proactive steps towards recovery and growth.

Foreclosure as a Last Resort - As all 50 state Attorneys General investigate widespread allegations that loan companies use fraudulent documents to push through foreclosures, this new report by Center for Responsible Lending highlights strategies that states are using to stabilize their housing markets and prevent unnecessary foreclosures. 
The Latino Vote in the 2010 Elections - This report by Pew Hispanic Center examines how Latinos vote nationally in U.S. House of Representatives races and an analysis of gubernatorial and Senate races in the states of Arizona, California, Florida and Nevada, and the gubernatorial race in Texas.