Research Roundup 2/11: The Cost to States of Tax Havens, Fixing Long Lines at the Polls, and More

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The Hidden Cost of Offshore Tax Havens: State Budgets Under Pressure from Tax Loophole Abuse [U.S. PIRG]
"Federal taxpayers are not the only victims of offshore tax havens. Tax havens deprive state governments of billions of dollars in badly needed revenues as well.... In 2011, states lost approximately $39.8 billion in tax revenues from corporations and wealthy individuals who sheltered money in foreign tax havens."

Federal Grants to States Subject to Sequester Vary Widely Across Program Areas [Pew Charitable Trusts]
"Overall, about one-fifth of federal grant funding to states would be subject to the sequester. But, the percentage of funding in each program area that would be vulnerable to any cuts varies greatly. States continue to face a great deal of uncertainty about how the cuts could be implemented and their specific impacts on state budgets and economic activity."

How to Fix Long Lines [Brennan Center for Justice]
"By modernizing voter registration, providing more early voting opportunities, and setting minimum national standards for polling place access, America can fix the long lines that plague elections and bring our voting system into the 21st century."

Measuring State Elections Performance [Pew Charitable Trusts]
"The Elections Performance Index (EPI) is the first-ever comprehensive assessment of election administration in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. Using data from 17 key indicators, the EPI makes it possible to compare election administration policy and performance across the states and from one election cycle to the next."

The Dividends of Citizenship [Immigration Policy Center]
"The integration of the 11 million unauthorized immigrants now living in the United States into full citizenship is not only good for those individuals, but the country as a whole. Citizenship, and the quest for citizenship, facilitates integration in myriad ways that legal status alone does not."


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