Research Roundup 4/27: The "Paycheck Protection" Racket in Missouri, Making Jobs Good, Action on Paid Sick Days in 2013, and More

The "Paycheck Protection" Racket [Economic Policy Institute]
"In the spring of 2013, Missouri lawmakers are debating two bills that seek to limit the ability of state employees and Missouri workers in general to pay union dues that help fund political advocacy.... On close examination, it is clear that these bills will not create new rights for Missouri employees, and will significantly tilt the political playing field by enabling unlimited corporate political spending while restricting political spending of organized workers."

Policy Common Ground: Improving State Programs to Foster Work, Well-Being, Self-Sufficiency, and Program Integrity [Urban Institute]
"Politically diverse state governments can find common ground in a commitment to improving access to work support programs for eligible low-income families, a new Urban Institute report demonstrates."

Making Jobs Good [Center for Economic and Policy Research]
"This report evaluates the likely impact of several policies that seek to address job quality, including universal health insurance, a universal retirement system (over and above Social Security), a large increase in college attainment, a large increase in unionization, and gender pay equity."

State and Local Governments in Economic Recoveries: This Recovery is Different [Urban-Brookings Tax Policy Center]
"Examining state and local finances in recent economic recoveries, we find that state and local government activity exhibited an unprecedented decline during the most recent recovery. Never before had state and local contribution to GDP been negative three years after a recession passed its low point."

State and Local Action on Paid Sick Days: April 2013 [National Partnership for Women and Families]
"In 2011, the Connecticut legislature became the first in the nation to pass a statewide paid sick days law, and Seattle became the fourth city. And in 2013, Portland, Oregon, became the latest city to adopt a paid sick days standard, with New York City expected to follow in the coming months. Legislators and advocates continue to advance proposals in Congress and about 20 other states and cities."

Executive-Pay Tax Break Saved Fortune 500 Corporations $27 Billion Over the Past Three Years [Citizens for Tax Justice]
"Earlier this year, Citizens for Tax Justice reported that Facebook Inc. had used a single tax break, for executive stock options, to avoid paying even a dime of federal and state income taxes in 2012. Since then, CTJ has investigated the extent to which other large companies are using the same tax break. This short report presents data for 280 Fortune 500 corporations that, like Facebook, disclose a portion of the tax benefits they receive from this tax break."


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