Research Roundup

Jul 13, 2012

In this week’s Research Roundup: Reports from Families USA on the deadly consequences of being uninsured, the Corporate Reform Coalition surveying all 50 states’ legislative responses to the Citizens United ruling, the National Employment Law Project on the looming financial cliff for the long-term unemployed, the Urban Institute on how states would spend at least $90 billion less with the Affordable Care Act than without it, the Center for American Progress on the effects of the Supreme Court’s ruling on Medicaid, the Guttmacher Institute takes on declining but still worrying state legislative trends around attacks on reproductive rights so far in 2012, and the Brennan Center for Justice on the growing costs of criminal justice debt to states and communities.

Jun 22, 2012

In this week’s Research Roundup: Recent reports from the Food Chain Workers Alliance on workers in the food production and food services industries, the Center for American Progress on the facts on minimum wage hikes and how austerity is hammering state economies, National Employment Law Project on Walmart’s domestic outsourcing, the University of New Hampshire’s Carsey Institute on working parents’ lack of access to paid sick leave, Make the Road New York on small business support for a paid sick leave standard, the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities on some basic facts around state and local government workers, Immigration Policy Center on the Obama Administration’s new “deferred action” deportation policy, and a report from researchers at Occidental College and the University of Northern Iowa on the lack of support for most “job killer” allegations in the media.

May 24, 2012

Reports from both Enterprise Community Partners and ProPublica on how states are spending their share of the $2.5 billion they collectively received in direct payments from the foreclosure settlement with big banks, the National Partnership for Women and Families surveying laws that help new parents in all 50 states, the Pew Center on the States on the findings of their first analysis of economic mobility at the state level, the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities on how state budgets continue to feel pain from the effects of the recession, the Urban Institute on how almost every state has seen access to health care deteriorate for their adult residents over the past decade, the Center for Economic and Policy Research on both the significant savings states could experience through work-sharing and the size and characteristics of states’ unionized workforces, the Economic Policy Institute on the declining labor force participation rate and whether it is due to cyclical or structural changes in the economy, and the Commonwealth Fund on how most private individual health plans will fall short of what can be sold through the health exchanges as of 2014.

May 04, 2012

Recent reports by the Economic Policy Institute on trends and challenges for low-wage workers, AFL-CIO on the risk and cost of fatalities and injuries on the job, the National Employment Law Center on the troubling decline in wage growth during the current recovery, Good Jobs First on the growing number of states who are subsidizing companies with the withholding taxes of their workers, the Brennan Center updating recent changes to state voting laws, the Pew Center on the States surveying the oversight or lack thereof of state tax incentives for economic development, Demos on the critical efforts underway in many states to help voters obtain photo IDs, the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities on how destructive cuts in services have been the primary response to state budget gaps, Kentucky Youth Advocates on how thousands of Kentucky families could benefit from an Earned Income Tax Credit, the National Immigration Law Center on state bills under consideration across the country in 2012 that affect access to education for immigrant students, and the Center on Economic and Policy Research on why the minimum wage is simply “too damn low.”

Mar 22, 2012

In this week's Research Roundup: Reports from the Institute for Women's Policy Research on the gender wage gap, Guttmacher Institute on the troubling trend in state reproductive rights policies, Maine's Majority Education Fund on corporate influence in Maine's legislature through ALEC, the Congressional Budget Office on employment-based insurance and the Affordable Care Act, Brookings Institution on immigrant workers in the U.S.

Mar 08, 2012

In this week’s Research Roundup, reports by: Connecticut Voices for Children on the economic effect of a minimum wage increase, Wider Opportunities for Women on the economic insecurity of older Americans, the Southern Poverty Law Center on the devastation caused by the anti-immigrant HB 56, Demos and USPIRG on the effect of the rise of Super PACs, the Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy on how states with ‘high’ income tax rates are outperforming no-tax states, the Kaiser Family Foundation on mapping the effects of the ACA's coverage expansions, and an analysis by the Immigration Policy Center of data from the Pew Hispanic Center on how immigrants contribute to the U.S. economy.

Feb 17, 2012


In this week’s Research Roundup: New polling of small business owners from the American Sustainable Business Council, Main Street Alliance, and Small Business Majority. Also, new reports from Immigration Policy Center on so-called “self-deportation” strategies, the Economic Policy Institute on the beneficial effects of restoring the minimum wage in Illinois, the Kaiser Family Foundation on Medicaid’s role for women and an update on state Medicaid budgets, and CLASP on the troubling trend of states requiring drug testing for recipients of unemployment insurance.

Feb 02, 2012

In this week’s Research Roundup: Reports from Demos on the need for new measures beyond GDP, Families USA on the Massachusetts health care plan vs. the Affordable Care Act, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the National Academy of Social Insurance on Medicaid and health exchanges under the ACA, the Corporation for Enterprise Development ranking the 50 states by the financial security of residents, and the Center for Business and Economic Research at the University of Alabama on the billions of dollars the state is set to lose thanks to their anti-immigrant law.