Research Roundup

Dec 02, 2010

Investing in America’s Economy: A Budget Blueprint for Economic Recovery and Fiscal Responsibility - Our Fiscal Security, a collaborative project of the Economic Policy Institute, Demos, and the Century Foundation, released this publication detailing a proposal that would address the nation's most pressing fiscal challenges, improve the nation's 10-year budget outlook, lead to a budget surplus by 2018,

Nov 18, 2010
Study finds states employ few to enforce minimum-wage, related lawsA nationwide survey has found that states employ few investigators to enforce their laws covering the minimum wage, overtime, child labor, and payment of wages. Policy Matters Ohio, a nonprofit research institute based in Cleveland, found that 43 states and the District of Columbia collectively employ just 659.5 investigators en
Nov 11, 2010
Enhancing State Clean Energy Workforce Training to Meet Demand: This National Governors Association paper describes state efforts that have emerged thanks to funding from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA). The study confirms that state policy is a key factor in driving the demand for investment and the creation of green jobs. It also points out that states with aggressive green energy programs are under an urgent need for workforce development.
Nov 05, 2010
Economic Recovery and Equal Opportunity in the Public Disclosure - The Opportunity Agenda released an analysis of media coverage and public opinion research around the country's economic recovery.  The publication provides suggestions to reframe the discussion around the economy to encourage more proactive steps towards recovery and growth
Oct 21, 2010
Chicken Little in the Voting Booth: The Non-Existent Problem of Non-Citizen Voter Fraud - Fear over non-citizen voter fraud has reached a fever pitch as Tea Party groups across the country mobilize "ballot security" operations in time for Election Day, and candidates
Oct 07, 2010

Serving While Sick: High Risks & Low Benefits for the Nation’s Restaurant Workforce, and Their Impact on the Consumer – Improved working conditions in America’s restaurants are necessary to protect employees and patrons alike, according to a survey of over 4,000 workers by the Restaurant Opportunities Center United.  90% of restaurant workers lack health insurance, nearly 88% have no access to paid sick leave, and 63% indicated they had prepared food or served customers while sick.  The r

Sep 23, 2010

The Young Person's Guide to Health Insurance - This report from U.S. PIRG and Families USA outlines what young people gain under the new federal health law and actions they can take to protect their rights against insurance companies.  It outlines basic information young people should know about health insurance and resources for getting more information.