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No list of America's embarassing Governors could really be complete without at least mentioning Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour. His latest claim to fame? He arranged the startup financing for a GOP telemarketing firm that was involved in illegal election dirty tricks in both New Hampshire and New Jersey. Amazingly, it seems no matter what other Governors do that is wrong, Barbour does worse. Where Governor Ehrlich condones voter intimidation, Governor Barbour finances it. Where Governor Perdue spent $400 million in public money to attract a mere 2,500 jobs to Georgia, Governor Barbour reportedly offered as much as one billion in Mississippi taxpayer money. And where Governor Bill Owens merely voices his support for violent abusive groups like the Contras, Haley Barbour's Administration condones abuse of children who are in the state's care. Truly, Haley Barbour is a piece of work.