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Today a study in the hypocrisy brought to the absurd:

As you might expect, Robert Bork, the onetime failed Supreme Court nominee and conservative jurist is a vocal proponent of limiting plaintiff awards via state tort law. He even allowed his "strict constructionist" stance to bend in order to accommodate state tort limits that he himself said "may once have been clearly understood as beyond Congress's power."

That's why it comes as such a surprise that Mr. Bork would sue the Yale Club of New York City for $1 million and punitive damages after he fell while scaling their treacherous dais. Perhaps he's only opposed to lawsuits against corporations that manufacture dangerous products, but not against well endowed non-profit groups with dangerous interior design.

Either way, we hope Mr. Bork quickly recovers his health, his wits, and perhaps a new sense of compassion for those who are injured as a result of corporate negligence.