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Representatives in the US House introduced a resolution last month to recognize the 40th anniversary of the Supreme Court case Loving v. Virginia, which barred anti-miscegenation laws. While we can all agree Loving was a good decision, officially commemorating it is part of a "propaganda campaign" by gay "Freedom to Marry" activists who "have no shame" according to the right-wing Traditional Values Coalition.


Despite the fact that the resolution contains no mention of homosexuality or marriage, TVC Executive Director Andrea Lafferty claimed homosexuals were engaging in a "hijacking of the civil rights movement" to "push their agenda upon the rest of us." After all this, Lafferty plays the victim, saying her courageous (and confused) defense of marriage will result in her being called a "homophobic bigot."  Perhaps if you want to convince people you aren't preoccupied with a person's sexuality, you shouldn't open your press releases with the phrase "Openly lesbian..."