Three Reports on Transit and Energy Issues Facing the States

Three  useful reports on transit and energy issues facing the states:

  • Public Roads, Private Costs: The Facts About Toll Road Privatization and How to Protect the Public -  This U.S. PIRG report examines 15 completed private road projects and 79 others that are proposed or underway and finds that they typically impose higher toll hikes than would be required without privatization, deny the public control of future transportation planning capacity, lack adequate public disclosure, have little capacity by states to enforce commitments contained in the contracts, and extend so far into the future that the long term costs outweigh any short-term financial gains.
  • Big Oil Misers - This Center for American Progress analysis finds that the big five oil companies have invested just 4 percent of their soaring 2008 profits in alternative energy ventures -- a glaring contrast to ads that promote their commitment to low-carbon alternatives.
  • Make It In America:  The Apollo Green Manufacturing Plan highlights how clean energy investments are key to rebuilding a manufacturing sector that is in crisis across the nation.  It's not enough just to use clean energy technology; the report highlights that we as a nation need to invest in the manufacturing capacity to assure that American workers are building the wind turbines, solar cells and other components of a clean energy future.