Conference Call: Community Policing as an Alternative to Local Enforcement of Immigration Law

11/12/2009 - 3:00pm

As there has been increased mobilization and opposition to punitive local law enforcement measures including 287g programs, advocates, elected officials, and local law enforcement are joining together to discuss pragmatic and humane approaches to public safety.  Progressive States Network held a conference call with state legislators, advocates, and former police officials to discuss timely law enforcement issues as they relate to immigration policy.  Local law enforcement policy alternatives were discussed including community policing, anti-racial profiling measures, and civil liberties protections.  The former Sacramento Chief of Police shared what an increasing number of law enforcement officials believe should be common sense immigration reform policies, while a national advocate outlined the community perspective and a state legislator shares their rationale for protecting immigrant victims.

Speakers included:

The call took place on Thursday, November 12th at 3 pm EST.