Election Reform

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Election Reform

For information on Election Reform policy in the states or to receive the latest updates from the Working Group of State Legislators for Election Reform, please contact Susan Mottet, Legislative Director (, 202.802.9384 x 121)

State Legislator Working Group

State Legislators for Election Reform

The Working Group of State Legislators for Election Reform is a new initiative that the Progressive States Network is launching in 2013. After witnessing an all out assault on citizens' constitutional right to vote in 2012, this working group's objective is to fight voter suppression while offering innovative solutions for election modernization in the states.

State Legislators in the working group will learn from experts about how to expand voting rights and defend against attempts to suppress the vote. The Progressive States Network will also provide technical support to state legislators who would like to launch an election reform campaign in their state. The working group will work as a forum for state legislators to share best practices for election reform campaigns and strategies.

If you are interested in protecting and expanding voting rights please contact Leila Pedersen to join the Working Group of State Legislators for Election Reform.

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